Our fees

It is vital for us to be transparent about who we do our best work for, what we do and don’t do and what and how we charge for our service.

We work on a “no surprises” basis and will always confirm costs in advance once we know what work we’re doing for you.

Financial Planning

  • We provide an all-inclusive service with the sole objective of delivering great financial planning outcomes that help you meet your financial goals.

    A great plan is meaningless without implementation, so we don’t do one-off transactions or planning-only work without implementation or portfolio management.

    Together, we’ll craft and implement your financial plan to give you the greatest possibility of meeting your most cherished goals.

  • The best investors align their investments to the needs of a plan. Having crafted and implemented your plan, we’ll give you the best chance of a successful investment outcome by supporting the plan with a rational, highly diversified portfolio that is focused on risk management.

    We charge at three stages of the process: Financial Planning, Implementation and Ongoing Service. Look below to understand what’s involved at every stage and the costs, then use our fee calculator to help you work out what you’re likely to pay.

1. Exploration

Cost: No charge

The purpose of Exploration is to ensure we’re a good fit for each other and establish whether we can add value to your situation. It is a no-obligation, face-to-face meeting at our office. If you are a couple, we should see you both.

Exploration is about you, your life and what’s important to you; it’s not about money or financial products. There’s no need to bring any documents or financial information with you; we can’t advise you about your money until we understand what’s important to you.

By the end of Exploration, we can tell you whether and how we can help, what it will cost, and decide whether we want to work together.

Jonathan helped us paint a picture of how our future could look, combining our wish to enjoy our interests with the stability of a secure income. He assessed our attitudes towards money and used these to plan a portfolio. We liked the fact that he developed a strategy centred around us rather than simply from a bundle of financial products from the market.
Phil & Sue

2. Financial Planning

Cost: £2,500

After Exploration, there will be additional meetings to develop your plan. We take time to understand your aspirations and help you identify and prioritise your financial objectives so that you have a clear vision of where you want to get to.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of where you are now and start shaping the draft plan. We’ll consider and model alternative strategies until we agree on the initial strategy.

You will receive a written and a video summary with actionable steps for you to follow.

More complex work may require additional fees; we will confirm this in advance, if applicable. If, for any reason, you feel that you’ve gained no value from this work, we will refund your fee.

Strategic planning fees are not subject to VAT and are payable in advance of any work being undertaken.

3. Implementation

Cost: 1% of assets invested through Expert Wealth Management
This charge reduces for assets over £1 million

Having crafted your financial plan, we will implement it for you, saving you the time, energy and worry of doing it yourself.

In many cases, this involves reorganising all your existing investments and pensions, so they are optimised to support your financial plan.

During the annual review, Jonathan took the time to ask if there were any changes in my circumstances. He closely listened and adjusted the investments accordingly, if needed. At all times, I have found Jonathan and his excellent team to have a high work ethic, they are courteous and always professional. I am certainly a satisfied client.

4. Ongoing service

Cost: 1% p.a of funds under advice
This charge reduces for assets over £1 million

We meet at least annually, or more often if required; there are no restrictions on access to your planner or the team.

We provide ongoing support to help you stay on track and adjust your plan as your life evolves, this frees up your time, provides peace of mind and allows you to relax and live your life.

Our ongoing service includes:

  • Regular review meetings
  • Ongoing monitoring of your plan and portfolio
  • Portfolio and product due diligence
  • Portfolio rebalancing, fund changes, withdrawals, moving money from investment accounts to investment ISAs and pensions where appropriate
  • Access to blogs and other informative material associated with investments and your portfolio.

Fee calculator

To help you work out your likely Financial Planning cost, we’ve provided a fee calculator. This will give you an estimate of your costs and should only be used as a guide. We will confirm the exact costs after the Exploration meeting.

What we do

  • Work with clients who engage us for planning, implementation and investment management.
  • Work with long-term investors, people who are investing for decades, who understand the short-term uncertainties of capital market investing and with portfolios from £500,000 to £5 million.
  • Help you stay on course, providing peace of mind and clarity in uncertain times.

What we don't do

  • Try to time the markets or identify the best-performing investment funds, sectors, regions or stocks.
  • One-off transactions, work with insistent clients or advise on transferring final salary pension benefits.
  • Work with clients with less than £250,000 in investable assets at the outset.
  • Work with clients who require any form of capital guarantees or similar protections in relation to their investments.
  • Work with clients who wish to have an element of self-investment, work with more than one investment manager, or more than one financial planner.
  • Take on clients whose barriers, including Capital Gains Tax costs, to switching invested assets to our investment management service are too high.

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Working with Expert Wealth has enabled us to relax and let go.

John Dixon

Thanks to Expert Wealth, we no longer worry about our financial future.

Clive Liddle

They asked us questions which financial advisors don't normally ask.

Tim & Joy Foster

We want other people to have the same peace of mind that we have.

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