John Dixon

Wealth planning

My name is John. My wife and I have been clients of Expert Wealth Management for just over a year and our adviser is Dominic Spalding.

We felt that I was spending perhaps too long looking at the value of investments and not being confident that we’d done the right thing. So, it was a difficult decision, but we decided to try and find an expert to help us along the way.

We decided to do as much research as we could. I went online and visited some websites recommended by the Consumers Association, Which?. We looked for companies and individuals who were trustworthy, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, had good qualifications, and were also in the right locality.

We chose Expert Wealth because the recommendations on the websites that we visited were excellent, and the company was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Dominic’s qualifications are excellent and the company is local to us, so we thought it would be nice, albeit that in this age we can do virtual consultations, to be able to visit them face to face, and so they ticked all the boxes.

Working with Expert Wealth has enabled my wife and I to relax and let go of our responsibilities in managing the savings that we have. It means that instead of checking things regularly, instead of worrying about world events and whether we should be doing anything, we just relax and say, “Well, we’re leaving this to Expert Wealth and Dominic Spalding.”

We’ve been allowed to make predictions about what might happen over the next one, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years. We don’t know what is going to happen for certain, but we have a game plan and we’ve been able to prepare for things in a constructive way, which has been very reassuring.

I would describe Expert Wealth as being a friendly company; they’re trustworthy and their approach to everything has been utterly professional.

The best thing about working with Expert Wealth is that we don’t need to have that much contact with them. It sounds strange, but the whole reason for us going to them was to allow them to do the worrying, provide the service, and allow us to stop worrying and stop needing to worry about how we manage our own affairs.

We’d certainly recommend Expert Wealth to other people, the reason being that they ticked all the boxes that we initially wanted to tick. I should say that I am particularly cautious and sceptical, and it’s difficult to please me; it’s difficult to reassure myself and my wife and we received that reassurance. We’ve had no qualms whatsoever and therefore, we’d have no hesitation in recommending Expert Wealth to other people.

Working with Expert Wealth has enabled us to relax and let go.

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