Robert & Annie Burns

Wealth planning

Annie: I’m Annie Burns, and we’ve been working with Jonathan at Expert Wealth for four to five years.

Robert: I’m Rob, and we first were introduced to Expert Wealth about five years ago by our accountant. We were struggling with our current financial adviser at that time, were introduced to Expert Wealth and really have got on very well with them ever since. The thing that was very different about the approach we received from Expert Wealth was that for the very first part of meeting them, they basically spent about three hours just talking to Annie and me about what we were looking for. And that was obviously partly about financial advice. but it was partly about trying to understand us, as individuals and a couple, and what our goals were. Not necessarily financial goals but personal goals: what we want for the family, all sorts of things.
This firstly gave us the impression that we weren’t just sales fodder, and secondly formed the basis of a good relationship, which has developed as we’ve worked with them. And we feel whenever we meet with Jonathan that he’s actually thinking about what’s best for us. That’s in stark contrast to the two financial advisers that we’ve worked with previously, who we felt all the time were just coming to you with a product that they wanted to sell.

Annie: It’s actually quite fun going for the meetings that we have. And having come from a completely non financial background, that’s really quite something!

Robert: I feel highly confident about what Jonathan and Dam are doing and building as a group at Expert Wealth. And it allows you to just relax that much more and concentrate on the things that you really want to try to do.

Annie: For me, the best thing about working with Expert Wealth is that it helps me to relax about the future, and it gives me a lot of confidence that actually, life will be okay. And we’re all right, whatever happens. I would highly recommend Jonathan and Expert Wealth to friends – and in fact, we have done so to a couple of people.

Robert: These are genuine people who have a similar outlook in life to what we have, in terms of values, and it’s just a joy to work with them.

It's a joy to work with them.

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