Clive Liddle

At retirement

My name is Clive Liddle, and my wife and I have been clients for eight years.

We had quite a lot of money tied up in pension plans, but wanted to make sure that we had enough money to last until we die. So, we wanted to make sure our money was in a mix of things like pensions or SIPPs and was readily available.

My wife’s very good friend said that Expert Wealth had done an excellent job for her. So, we contacted Dom, had a meeting and took it from there.

One of the challenges for myself and my wife has been to stop saving and start spending, because we’d got into the habit. So now, when I look at my cash flow, I think about how many holidays I could take next year instead. I also wanted money to keep my back healthy, as I wasn’t spending enough on that. I emailed Dom and asked “How does this look in terms of our cash flow?” Dom had a look and it seems fine. So, I’m well pleased – all we have to do now is book all the holidays!

We get two things with Expert Wealth: one is technical expertise, and the other is the high quality relationship. We know that Dom understands our situation and so is best able to advise us.

Yeah, I feel good about our future with Expert Wealth because we have a plan and I know what it’s based on. I know what assumptions have been made to demonstrate that we’ll be fine until we’re 100.

The three words I’d use to describe Expert Wealth are: highly attentive, conscientious, and prompt when giving advice.

One of the two best things is how Dom demonstrates his expertise through his operation of the technical stuff and how he keeps us up to date. The second, and perhaps what makes Expert Wealth distinct, is the quality of the meetings we have, which is determined by how good a listener Dom is.

For me, there’s a crucial distinction between an advisor who only has technical expertise, and one who also asks the right questions and listens attentively to get good data from their customer. This difference is when advisors take the time to actually build a relationship, not just give technical advice. I’m not interested in just getting technical advice – I can find that on Google!

I would absolutely recommend Expert Wealth, as working with them has meant we no longer worry about our financial future.

Thanks to Expert Wealth, we no longer worry about our financial future.

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