Heather Naylor

Approaching retirement

My name is Heather Naylor and I’ve been working with Expert Wealth for just under three years. I sold my flat just over three years ago. I always knew that half of it would end up meaning that I can move out of London and buy somewhere else to live, and the other half would be essentially my pension for my retirement.

I hadn’t worked with any financial advisers before, so I got three recommendations. The first, when I looked online, felt too big and just wasn’t for me. The second one was probably a similar size to Expert Wealth. What came across [to me] though was Dom and his way of communication. He was approachable, he was always so responsive. His communication was really clear, it was out without jargon. And he didn’t rush me. He must have gauged that it was a big decision for me, and consequently gave me the time to come to the right decision.

After I decided that Expert Wealth felt the right firm for me, Dom and I started the planning process. It was just really good fun! I loved it. It was two parts, as I remember it. The first part was establishing what made me happy, what was important, what was meaningful. And then we went on to the finances. The question was all around ‘how do my finances support those things that are important to me?’ They then came together, and it meant we could change parameters which were part of my life, and look at the consequences on my financial stability in 20-30 years on that basis.

So in my case, it was – do I retire in five years or 10 years? What effect does that have? How much money do I ring fence for my dream house by the sea where I can retire to? I’ve got friends in far flung places – can I see them once a year, twice a year, three times a year? Financially, is that doable?

From the outcome of the planning process, I ended up with much greater clarity on the things that were really important. I ended up with what feels like a really simple, straightforward financial plan. And it was the absolute basis for this fundamental solid relationship with Dominic. It’s open, and I wholeheartedly trust him and his firm to look after my finances.

I have recommended Expert Wealth and Dom to other people. It’s really clear for me that the personal relationship that Expert Wealth offers is just spot on. They’re incredibly efficient and responsive. I feel I’m in expert hands. And actually overall, it’s the fact that I feel that they live what they preach. It’s all about what someone’s finances can support – the things that make them happy. And that just feels kind of neat, really!

Now I’ve got peace of mind. I think I probably used to worry a bit about whether I should be doing certain things or not certain things with regard to finances. Now I have peace of mind, I feel my finances are sitting with a wholly professional, wholly trustworthy, wholly honest pair of hands.

I feel my finances are sitting with a wholly professional, wholly trustworthy, wholly honest pair of hands.

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