Neil Bage of BelQ: How Humans Make Decisions

By Jonathan

We were delighted in early June to be joined once again by Neil Bage from Be-IQ for the latest in our series of Virtual Afternoon Tea webinars.

In the hour or so that we had Neil with us he took us once again into the world neuroscience and explained the many ways that our brain can fool us as it tries to make sense of the world. He explained the danger of misreading the information we have access to when we’re trying to make a decision and gave us some advice for how we should think about this When we find ourselves trying to make decisions in our own lives. Finally Neil talked about the nature of memory and how all may not be quite as it seems when we are convinced we recall how something happened.

So to see what links armed robbery, lemon juice, photographs of Norway, Charles II and our ability to make decisions in a world increasingly full of information, be sure to catch up with this fascinating discussion below.

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