Expert Wealth & FinalytiQ – An Enlightening New Partnership

Sharp-eyed clients may have noticed guest content from Abraham Okusanya of FinalytiQ who contributed to our Expert Opinion section earlier this year.

We’re now pleased to be able to announce a new partnership between Expert Wealth and FinalytiQ that will allow us to further improve the standard of service we can offer our clients. FinalytiQ will be working with us to provide the following.

  • Platform due diligence
    Feedback from the Client Advisory Board told us that the providers we use are an important aspect of our service proposition. In future, FinalytiQ will bring an extra level of independence and impartiality to our platform due diligence and on-going governance processes.
  • Bringing the power of the application
    Timeline app is a fantastic tool that can help clients to visualize probable outcomes in retirement, evaluate withdrawal strategies for drawing income from portfolios, and stress test different asset allocations using historical asset class returns back to 1900. Whilst we all recognise that the future is uncertain, Timeline app brings extra rigour to the advice process. When used in conjunction with our cash flow forecasting too, and on-going planning process, Timeline App means that we should be vaguely right, rather than precisely wrong and thus allow us to reassure clients that they’re going to be OK.

We’re very pleased to welcome Abraham and FinalytiQ to the Expert Wealth team.


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Jon is a highly qualified and experienced Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner with over 27 years’ experience. He loves working with clients who are passionate about getting the most out of life and feels his job is to support them living life to the fullest. Read more from Jonathan...
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Let me say that we are really pleased with your approach and advice. We particularly enjoy your "finance is just part of your life" philosophy, as I know that what you offer and what we buy are different. We are buying reassurance, big time (because finance is part of our lives and we only have one life). You offer your expertise, organisation, attention to detail, interpersonal skills and methodology. You are giving us reassurance, so thank you! C.L. (Oxford)

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